Kneipp Herbal Bath Oils

FragranceMay Chang & Lemon (Enjoy Life)

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Bathe away stress, strain, and fatigue with Kneipp bath oils - a therapeutic soak in pure, highly concentrated essential oil blends. Combining the healthful, healing powers of water and plants, it's a spa treatment at home to help restore and maintain well-being. The benefits of warm baths have been known since ancient times - the purest natural herbs in the form of highly concentrated plant essential oils interact with the natural healing and soothing powers of water. Kneipp Herbal Baths contain a whopping, 30% essential oil. Essential oils, known as the immune system of the plant, are inhaled from the steam of the bath, and absorbed through the skin by soaking in a tub, benefiting body and mind. Kneipp baths are made according to formulas developed over 100 years of experience and research.
  • 3.4 ounces in a glass bottle
  • Therapeutic Soak
  • Pure, highly concentrated essential oil blends
  • Great home spa treatment
  • Natural herbs heal and soothe
  • 30% essential oil
  • Aromatherapeutic benefits
Additional Info
Kneipp herbal baths have natural ingredients and are free of artificial preservatives, parabens and mineral-oil. They're manufactured with pharmaceutical standards and are tested by dermatologists (never by animals).

The aroma and color of each Kneipp bath satisfies a different need; to help you choose, here are the intended benefits of each:
  • Almond Blossom (Soft Skin)
  • Dry skin-Nourishes and conditions skin
  • Arnica (Joint & Muscle)
  • Revitalizing- Helps to improve circulation, relieve pain and reduce redness
  • Eucalyptus (Cold & Sinus Relief)
  • Sinus Relief: A natural disinfectant, relief of coughs, runny nose, sinus congestion and allergies. Fresh and clean, helps clear the senses.
  • Juniper (Muscle Soothing)
  • Muscle Soother: Natural pain relief helps improve circulation and relieves muscle tension. Blended with wintergreen essential oil, it soothes tired, sore muscles.
  • Lavender (Balancing)
  • Balancing: Enhances well-being, helps to combat fatigue, relaxes, refreshes and revives, brings about a peace of mind.
  • Red Poppy & Hemp (Pure Bliss)
  • Relaxes body and soul for beautiful moments
  • Spruce & Pine (Warmth & Energy)
  • Warmth & Energy: For tiredness, chills and rejuvenates. Exhilarating and refreshing, a pick-me-up to lift your spirits
  • Valerian & Hops (Deep Sleep)
  • Stress Reducing: For deep, restorative sleep, relaxation, and insomnia. Calming, especially good at bedtime - a powerful herbal complex to help reduce stress and promote restful sleep.
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