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Catherine Rising Single Floral Smudge Stick


This beautiful smudge stick is a feast for the senses. The simple, stunning design sets the stage for a intention-based smudging session. Traditional sage is artfully combined with a single rose bud and handtied with colorful vintage cotton floss.
Smudge sticks are used to clear spaces energetically, purifying and infusing them with positive energy. Light the smudge stick and then let the flame extinguish, allowing the smoke to do its magic as you carry the stick around the space. It's helpful to set an intention while you smudge, whether focusing on releasing negative energy or thoughts, or thinking of a feeling or desire that you would like to bring into the space.
Always be vigilant to ensure that no stray sparks fall and to ensure that the stick is completely extinguished when finished. You can use a smudge stick several times. You can hold a bowl under your stick while smudging and as a place to rest your stick in between smudges.
  • approximately 3 inches long
  • Sage combined with a single rose bud
  • Handtied with vintage cotton floss
  • Now two are alike, color varies
  • Always use care when smudging to ensure the stick is completely extinguished when finished.

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