Double Color Perfetto Pencil Set

Item # pcb200

These snazzy, double-sided pencils add panache to your writing or drawing. Each two-colored pencil has black graphite on one half and red on the other; the outside of the pencil is also half black and half red, lending a spirited design. The set includes 12 No. 2 pencils by renowned designer Louise Fili, in a vintage-looking box that looks dapper on your desk.
  • Box is 7.25 x 2 inches
  • Set of 12 No. 2 pencils
  • Two-sided, double color pencils
  • Each pencil is half black and half red graphite
  • The black & red design is on the outside of the pencils, too
  • Vintage-looking box
  • Princeton Architectural Press
Product Attributes
  • Pencils
    • Pencil Type
    • Standard
    • Graphite
    • Colored
    • Pencil Accessory
    • Two sided, Two-color
  • References
    • ISBN
    • 978-16-1689-243-2
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