Level Naturals

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A little lather goes a long way when you hop in the shower with a Level Naturals handmade soap bar! This all-natural company works hard to create natural soaps, bath bombs, and candles that are vegan, gluten-free, and 100% handmade. Their simple, yet upscale designs look elegant and stylish in any bathroom. Need to relax after a long workout? Are you stressed out? Their new line "Soaks Don't Suck" combines a unique blend of salts, clays, and essential oils that leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Co-founders Jonathan Andrew and Sabrina Roberson believe they can change the world one shower at a time with their amazing line of shower essentials. Based in Downtown Los Angeles, California at The Brewery, these lavish soaps will make you feel good and look good without hurting the environment. Jonathan, a skin tech and cosmetologist, and Sabrina, an aroma therapist and massage therapist have put their knowledge and passion to good use to create a unique and luxurious line of smell-good, feel-good shower items.